Sticky Leadership

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Thank you for your interest in exploring the ways you can grow and apply your leadership skills.

We have developed an online version of the content contained in Larry’s book, Sticky Leadership and the leadership workshops we currently offer. This content, found in the online course, is something everybody can use.

To help you decide if our online course would be valuable, you can experience a free, two-module introduction to the same content participants learn in our live workshops.

In addition to the overview material you can apply, you also receive a free leadership energy assessment to help you better understand how to get your leadership to effectively stick in the heads, hearts, and actions of others.

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V2A Sticky Leadership

Get your leadership to stick.

The secret to leaders getting what they are thinking into the heads and actions of others can evade even the most powerful and charismatic entrepreneurs.

Larry Briggs’ method of Sticky Leadership will transform the leadership environment and the way you impact those around you. Highly successful visionaries are people of action, and often don’t have well developed processes for transferring what seems obvious to them into the behaviors of others.

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Assess Yourself

Take a free Energy Assessment test! Schedule a comprehensive follow up to help you further understand the results and how to apply them.


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Sticky Leader

Get your leadership to stick in the heads, hearts, and actions of others, through Larry Briggs’ latest book, Sticky Leadership. Order your copy today!


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Free Coaching

Schedule a free coaching session with one of our experts! We can help you assess your needs and supply you with the tools you need.


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Apply Training

Sticky Leadership Online Learning! In this self-paced learning experience, you’ll gain the tools and equipping you need to become a sticky and successful leader.

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Become a Sticky Leader

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V2A Sticky Leadership

Learn to Love Uphill.

Larry Briggs, a dynamic speaker, is passionate about equipping leaders with the right tools to help them succeed.

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Leadership is tricky, but we can show you how to make it stick.